Portrait of Gary John Norman against vibrant blue background.

An award winning image professional located in West Palm Beach, Florida creating commercial advertising photography, specialising in lifestyle, people, marine, hotel and resort imagery for today’s lifestyles.  With the capabilities to meet the unique demands of international creative content creation and a contagious enthusiasm for breathing life into ideas from concept through to production.  

I have a 25+ year career bringing varied experiences and knowledge from a myriad of resources, that enables me to bring a style of observation and fresh perspective to every project.  Typically I collaborate with people who want to build relationships and love what they do!  Often but not limited to the advertising and design communities who are looking for insightful creative and curated premium content.  

Allow me to bring vision, creativity and production experience to capture the imagination of your customers, through highly compelling imagery that dances with light and captures an authentic narrative. You get quality and unique brand building images, that gives  you our client the edge.    

The creative process explores diversity and curiosity, coupling image concept, beautiful lighting and people direction.  Personally I like to search for a balance between or perhaps a meeting point for humanity and nature. Looking to capture a human breath where it seems nature’s forces have united to create that split instant in time. Creating a glimpse of something beyond ordinary life that forms a transcendent moment and shies away from contentment bordering on subtle excitement.

Awards have be won nationally in the USA and the work has been exhibited in New York, London and Dubai.

  • Assignment photography offers uniqueness and image exclusivity with experience in collaborating with brands, agencies and individuals. Valuable production skills coupled with working alongside a talented team, greatly increases the production value of the work. 

  • Producing and creating a curated collection of innovative fresh, dynamic and compelling imagery that is ready made rights managed and royalty free creative still and 4K motion content. This body of work is available through agents, please view the contact page for more information.

  • Commercial portraiture, actor and model portfolios with a lifestyle flavour that makes you look good and price options to fit all budgets. I am always looking for new faces for license photography, please make contact for more information. It can be mutually benefiting for all.


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300 South Australian Ave #816 West Palm Beach FL 33401 USA 

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